Genma Wars WikiHito's villageLoof
Mako MatsudairaMeenaMoah King
Moah King's castleNonOffspring of Genma
Our father, King MaohParomeThe New Great Genma
File:Conception 01.pngFile:Conception 02.pngFile:Conception 03.png
File:Conception 04.pngFile:Conception 05.pngFile:Conception 06.png
File:Conception 07.pngFile:Conception 08.pngFile:Conception 09.png
File:Conception 10.pngFile:EP01 Non and Maoh King.pngFile:EP09 human girl.png
File:EP09 human girl 2.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:Forum new.gifFile:Genma's castle.pngFile:Katsu.png
File:Loof takes Meena.pngFile:Mako's friends.pngFile:Mako and Nana.png
File:Mako modeling 1.pngFile:Mako modeling 2.pngFile:Mako modeling 3.png
File:Mako modeling 4.pngFile:Mako on the phone.pngFile:Mako with the Genmas.png
File:Mako with the Genmas 2.pngFile:Mako with the Genmas 3.pngFile:Meena.png
File:Meena bathing.pngFile:Meena praying.pngFile:Meena praying 02.png
File:Meena running.pngFile:Meena scared.pngFile:Meena sleeping.png
File:Meena uses her powers.pngFile:Newborn Gin.pngFile:Newborn Loof.png
File:Non's former home.pngFile:Non's parents.pngFile:Non's powers.png
File:Non's sacrifice.pngFile:Non's sacrifice 02.pngFile:Non's sacrifice 03.png
File:Non's sacrifice 04.pngFile:Non feeding Gin.pngFile:Non feeding Loof and Gin.png
File:Non happy.pngFile:Non happy 02.pngFile:Non meets Nuu 01.png
File:Non meets Nuu 02.pngFile:Non rescued.pngFile:Non sad.png
File:Non undressed 01.pngFile:Non watches over Loof.pngFile:Nuu.png
File:Nuu before.pngFile:Nuu carries Non.pngFile:Parome.png
File:Sad Non.pngFile:Wiki-background

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